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Come have some FUN and challenge yourself for upcoming new dance choreographies that will take your dancing to next level!

We are looking for talented individual, couples who are passionate and love to dance!!

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Email: DancingwithFriendssg@gmail.com


‘Acercate’ Choreography for Couples

Invite a Friend!!

Performance As always there are some exciting plans for Christmas!

As always there are some exciting plans for Christmas!

Choose from 4 choreographies:

  1. Bachata
  2. Salsa
  3. Salsa Shine
  4. Bachata Ladies Styling
  5. High Heels
  • Video-shoot is must but performance is optional
  • ENJOY discounted fees!

For early sign up for any single performance (including choreography, training, costume & new shoes), DWF member enjoy special fees:

  • Member Fees $450
  • Students $500
  • Sign up with a friend to enjoy $50 discount
  • Usual Fees $600 – $700

Join the Team!

Learn Choreography
Improve dance level
Challenge Yourself
Make new friends
Perform overseas
Stay Fit

Choose Your Style:

Salsa Coed - DWF
Bachata Coed - DWF
Ladies Styling - DWF
Bachata Coed - Touch Team
Salsa Coed - Touch Team
Kizomba - Touch Team

If you and your friends are interested RSVP for your FIRST TRIAL CLASS!

Salsa • Bachata • Ladies Styling • Kizomba

Why Join Touch Teams?

Experience Something New!

Ladies Touch Singapore



Choreographer & Trainer

Shore has many techniques to teach, but the Trump Card remains to discover how dancing can be easy, fun, simple, and interesting among friends.

With 10+ years of experience, Shore the instructor and owner of the studio, aims to empower students through his unique style of teaching in dance classes and create a place of love, dance and healthy lifestyle!

We are always here to welcome your thoughts to start learning dance as a HOBBY or with DREAM of performing on the International Stage.

Just ONE session to understand DWF amazing techniques and concepts!

Located just 2 minutes away from City Hall MRT Station, Dancing With Friends is extremely accessible and easy to locate. The Studio is decorated with an open-concept design, with beautiful glass view facing the streets opening up to a solid laminated floor. Mirrors line the wall, and as you cast your gaze upwards, you’ll find yourself taking in the glittering crystals chandeliers that adorn the ceiling.

📧 DancingwithFriendssg@gmail.com

📞 +65 8318 4247 (whatsapp)

Learn more about us:
🎫 www.DancingwithFriends.sg

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