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Welcome to our dance studio rental page, where we offer a range of discount packages designed to help dancers and instructors save on rental costs. Our affordable and flexible rental options cater to dancers and instructors of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Are you a dancer or instructor looking for the perfect studio space to practice and create? Look no further than our fantastic dance studio packages!

Here, you can find all the information you need to rent our spacious and versatile Grand Room for your next dance class or rehearsal. 

Choose from

  • The Starter,
  • The Intermediate, and
  • The Pro for unbeatable discounts on rental time.

Upgrade to

  • The Buddy or
  • The Squad packages

for even more flexibility and time to share with friends and dance partners.

Book now and let’s get grooving!

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Read on for more details.

We hope you’ve found all the information you need to rent the D.W.F studio for your next event or rehearsal.

Bulk Discounts Packages:

  • The Starter (4.5 hours, 10% discount)
  • The Intermediate (9 hours, 15% discount)
  • The Pro (15 hours, 25% discount)
  • The Buddy (30 hours, 2-month validity, Mon-Fri rebooking)
  • The Squad (50 hours, 3-month validity, flexible rebooking)


  • Choose between dancer or instructor packages
  • Each booking is 1.5 hours
  • Validity is for one month
  • Package sharing available for “The Buddy & The Squad”
  • Book your session 48 hours in advance, subject to studio availability
  • Once confirmed, your session time and date cannot be changed, except for The Quad Package.
  • No use or no-show is considered as session used

If you’re ready to make a reservation or if you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

The D.W.F Studio Team

Party Room

Celebrate any occasion with a bang in our Party Room.

Melody Room

Perfect for music enthusiasts looking for a serene space to play or practice

Grand Room

Make a statement with our Spacious Grand Room, perfect for large events and meetings

Piano Room

Tune your musical talents in our soundproof Piano Room, complete with a beautiful grand piano.

Projector Room

Bring your presentation to life or enjoy a private cinema experience with comfy bean bags

Recital Room

Elevate your performance in our stunning Recital Room, complete with candlelight ambiance.

Video Gallery

Click on the thumbnail below to view the videos

Enjoy promo rates (not valid for PH)

Talk to our team to know, if you are eligible for discounts

D.W.F Studio is located in prime location in Singapore at City Hall

We are open 24 hours so rehearsing with friends or hosting a private party, you no longer has to worry about finding a dance studio. Famous Boat Quay, Clark Quay, and Robertson Quay is just 5 mins away

Looking for Long-Term Studio Rental

Call us or make a visit at DWF dance school to find out special packages for long term studio space booking to suit you activities type, such as Wedding Lessons, Zumba, Privates, Rehearsals, Company Event, Tea dance, Tango, Latin or Ballroom parties etc. Instructors & Performers ENJOY SPECIAL RATES with monthly membership!

City Hall Mrt

2 mins walk

Boat Quay

6 mins walk

Clark Quay | Raffles Mrt

8 mins walk

National Art Gallery

1 mins walk

Funan Mall

2 mins walk

Dancing with Friends is a well known venue for hosting private events, D&D, Birthday Parties.

DWF also organizes dance parties & events, especially the Salsa & Bachata Cruise Party every year in Singapore.