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Projector Room

For Special Occasions, Date Night, Zoom Meetings, Family and more

Your Private Cinema at D.W.F Escape the ordinary with D.W.F, designed for movie buffs, lovebirds, families, and squads of pals yearning for a whimsical movie night that's uniquely theirs.

Step into a realm of cinematic magic at our cozy private cinema in D.W.F Dance Studio. It's like having your own personal screening room – where the only thing missing is the popcorn popping on cue.

Plan your shindig however you fancy – be it weaving movie magic into your birthday bash, grooving through a dance night with your ride-or-die crew, or pulling off a surprise soirée that'll earn you the title of "Party Guru."

And here's the kicker – we've got promotions hotter than freshly popped corn! Allow D.W.F to create an album and also share the best snapshots of your event, and we might just sprinkle some extra movie magic your way. Plus, if you're keen to be our regular party pal, let's talk partnership and create some legendary nights together at D.W.F.

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So, why settle for the ordinary when you can Netflix-and-chill in style? Let’s make your movie night dreams come true – talk to our team and let the cinematic adventure begin! 🍿🎬✨

Multi Purpose 1000 SqFt | Open 24 Hours


2 Hours @ $300 = $600
3 Hours @ $260 = $780
4 Hours @ $240 = $960
5 Hours @ $220 = $1100
Add-on hours $220

Additionally, we offer discounts:
• 10% discount for social media promotion
• For special discounts and collaboration opportunities, please provide more details about your event.
• BYO food and soft drinks
• Self cleaning or add $90 per event
• Projector ViewSonic PG707w
• 96″ Screen

Discover the flexible and affordable projector room rental options at DWF. Projector room rates depends on factors such as the time of booking, duration of use, and desired set up. Elevate your event with customisable upgrades like bean bags, chairs, tables, microphone, grand piano, snacks, and drinks. 

Contact us to receive a personalised offer that caters to your specific needs and requirements.

Cinema @ D.W.F

What a unique and cozy experience it would be to have a private cinema at D.W.F dance studio with bean bags.

Imagine settling into a comfortable bean bag, surrounded by the stunning and stylish décor of the dance studio, while watching your favorite movie or binge-watching a new series on a big screen. 

This would be an ideal setting for a date night, a family movie night, or just a relaxing night in with friends. The ambiance of the dance studio would add to the overall experience, making it a memorable night to cherish for a long time.

Don’t miss out!

Check out available promotion for your 1st booking with Dancing with Friends Singapore (City Hall)

🎥 Your Private Cinema at DWF 🎶

  • Quality Sound w/ RCF Theatre Sound

  • Comfy bean bags

  • For all purpose

👉 The studio offers a cinema experience with a 96″ screen, high-quality sound system, comfortable seating, and Viewsonic PG707w Projector

👉 Guests can choose from a selection of the latest and classic movies, or bring their own to watch. 

👉 Projector screen is available for other purpose such as Zoom Meetings, Presentation, Dance Practice, Video Games, Online Lessons etc

👉 Some of the most common setup styles are

  • Conference Setup 
  • Classroom Setup 
  • Cinema Setup 
  • U-Shape Setup 
  • Cocktail Setup 
  • Boardroom Setup

🌟 Register early to enjoy PROMO RATES 🌟 

Projector Room