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Master Class with Shore

4 Hours Master Class

Weekly Sunday Salsa, Bachata, High Heels, Styling ONE CLASS for ALL Dancers!

Let’s find out how you can benefit with DWF master class

  • Yes, as a beginner or improver you plan to achieve next higher level. Master Class provide foundation for you to work and achieve your set goals. 

    Beginners & Improver can request for 2 hours and slowly progress.

    4 hours duration is for Intermediate & Advance daners!

Remember your BODY ONLY KNOW WHAT YOU TRAIN, so more you give to your body, more closer you are towards healthier lifestyle and a fit body

See you in the master class!


Suitable for Improver, Intermediate & higher level of dancers.

Challenge yourself, improve isolation, get flexibility and overcome your weakness

Master Class at DWF is getting popular among progressive dancers!!

Preparing for Master Class

01 Start of sessions: Dancers are expected to start with basic stretching meanwhile waiting for others to join. This is not your time to start chatting but prepare for your class

02 Arriving on time: If you arrive 15 minutes after your schedule session is not considered as late as we understand slight delay might happen (It just that you will miss the basic warm up). If you are arriving 30 minutes after schedule, you will not be allowed to join the session and full session will be considered as used.

For master class arriving late is unacceptable, so please make a note before you sign up for these important sessions

03 Yoga Mats: Please bring your own Yoga Mat or request the one available at studio for $2 per yoga mat. Kindly remember to clean up Yoga mat before returning.

04 Water: Please bring your own or buy at Studio for $2 

05 Attire: Always come in a comfortable attire that allow you to stretch, if needed bring along extra sets of clothes to change after class. Studio do not provide shower facility.

06 Health: If you experience any back pain, neck pain, knee pain due to bad sleep or over work, let us know before session starts. Purpose of session is not only to train you to become better dance but also to heal you body

Exercise can improve your condition and you may skip those exercises that may not be suitable for you. 

07 Video & Photo: Please seek permission if you plan to take photo or video during class. Phone must be silent & away from the dance floor all the time.

DWF will take classes photos and videos to share on social media, if you do not want to be in the video, do let us know before session starts.

08 Training: is design to maximise your FuN during training but expect many techniques to repeat until you have mastered it beautifully.

Dancers are expected to show discipline, strong motivation and willingness to achieve good results.

To Do...

  1. Place your yoga mat & start stretching
  2. Keep water bottle on the glass holder.
  3. Phone keep on silent mode
  4. Take a break when need a break
  5. Know your limit & listen to your body


  1. Busy chatting 
  2. Water bottle on dance floor
  3. Keeping phone with you
  4. Loosing your pace
  5. Rushing for quick results
4 Hours Master Class

Master Class @ DWF


SGD $100 per person

Weekly Sunday from 16:30 – 20:30

(Check availability with us via whatsapp +65 8318 4247 or email

  • Suitable for Improver, Intermediate and higher level of dancers.
  • Suitable for dancers salsa, bachata, high heels, styling.
  • Slots are limited and only confirmed after making payment
  • Arriving Late is unacceptable and no refund will be given, (if teacher do not permit you to join once class has started)
  • All Payments are non-refundable & non-transferable

Let’s Dance!

Invite a friend!

4 Hours Master Class

Master Class Registration Form

Please wait for confirmation for your requested slots before making payment.

Learn • Dance • Enjoy
Salsa • Bachata • Isolation


Come in comfortable attire
Dance shoes or pair of socks
Water bottle
RSVP via email or whatsapp
Make payment

Session will focus on:

Full Body Warm Up
Improve Salsa, Bachata, Styling
Spins & Turns
Flexibility & Splits