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D.W.F Studio Tour

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Welcome to D.W.F Smart Studio

Located at prime location in Singapore at City Hall, the studio offers all purpose venue for instructors, dancers and event organisers.

Expect to have a SUPER FUN time

How to arrive DWF

SUBWAY: City Hall Station (exit b) or walk underpass via Funan to the Adelphi Mall

DRIVING: Car Park is available in the Adelphi Mall.

BUSES: Service 61, 124, 166, 197, 174

Access to Door Lock

OPEN: Enter passcode & press *

CLOSE: Touch/Swipe the lock and press #

Lock & Unlock from inside

Enter passcode or scan fingerprint

Rotate the key to lock & unlock

Party Room Speakers

Follow the instructions in Video.

Click Here for full instructions

Melody or Grand Room Speakers

For Melody Room use ALTO BTU bluetooth

For Grand Room either use ALTO BTU or BT Speakers

Sound Proof Partition

For instructors using long term, please take a moment to know how to open and close the partitions.

Click Here for full instructions.

Only authorised events are allowed to use the projector. Please inform D.W.F in advance before using the projector

Special Events

Birthday, Recital, Special Occasion, Date Night, Private Party etc

Grand Piano set up

One-To-One, Corporates Events, Performance, Video Cover, Candlelight,  Concerts, Wedding, Exams

To ensure everyone have a pleasant time as you do, please respect studio basics rules and guidelines.

(Please inform your students and guests if there is a need)

Studio Rules

D.W.F Studio Tour

Booking Guidlines

D.W.F Studio Tour

DWF 6 Years of Festive Events

We’ve been lucky to work with amazing artists, dj’s and dancers around the world!

  • 2014 Suntec City, Singapore
  • 2015 Resorts World Sentosa
  • 2016 Royal Caribbean Cruise
  • 2017 Princess Cruise
  • 2018 World Dream Singapore
  • 2019 World Dream Guangzhou