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DWF Exclusive Instructor Program Teach, Learn, and Grow with D.W.F Studio

A Great Opportunity for Dance, Wellness, Art, Fitness, and Training Instructors!

Dream of having your own studio space?

Look no further!
Join our Residence Instructor program at DWF and enjoy the benefits of a fully furnished dance studio at zero cost in Singapore.

With DWF, you can earn money, make new friends, and grow your social connections.

Key Benefits:

• Use of a fully furnished dance studio for your classes and events
• Opportunities to participate in DWF events and activities (with special discounts)
• Commission-based income opportunities
• Access to a network of instructors and dance enthusiasts
• Support and guidance from DWF to help you grow your teaching business


• Have a passion for dance and teaching
• Have experience in teaching dance, the level of experience will depend on the instructor category (Pro, Experienced, or Newbie)
• Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Must have reliable transportation to get to the DWF studio
• Must agree to adhere to the Residence Instructor Program guidelines

Bring Your Creativity to Life at Our Multifunctional Studio Space

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Are you a talented dancer and instructor looking for a platform to showcase your skills and grow your teaching career?

Look no further! The D.W.F exclusive Instructor Program at D.W.F Studio offers you a fully furnished dance studio in Singapore where you can teach your classes and build a community of students.

Whether you are a pro instructor with a steady stream of students or a newbie looking to gain experience, this program is designed to help you succeed.

With access to a prime location, marketing support, and a supportive community, you’ll have everything you need to make your teaching dreams a reality.

So why wait? Join the Residence Instructor Program at D.W.F Studio today and start teaching, learning, and growing with us! “

What to Expect:

• Access to the studio to teach your classes
• Commission-based payment structure where you receive a percentage of the class fee or fixed pay per class
• Promotion of your classes through DWF’s social media and marketing channels
• Ongoing support and training to help you grow as a teacher
• A supportive and collaborative community of instructors

How to Join:

• Fill out the Instructor Sign-Up Form
• Choose from either a commission-based payment structure or a fixed pay per class. • Choose from one of our three instructor categories: Pro, Experienced, or Newbie.
• Our team will review your application and reach out to discuss the next steps.

D.W.F Exclusive Instructor Program

Join our community of passionate instructors and help us grow our studio!

We’re excited to work with you and help you build your teaching career! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


For instructors who have a proven track record of teaching and have a regular following of students. Pros are highly skilled and confident in their teaching ability. They receive a higher percentage of the class fee or a higher fixed pay per class.


For instructors who have prior teaching experience but may not yet have a steady stream of students. These instructors receive a moderate percentage of the class fee or a moderate fixed pay per class. DWF will provide support and promotion to help grow their student base.


For individuals who are new to teaching but have a passion for their discipline and a desire to share their knowledge. Newbies receive a lower percentage of the class fee or a lower fixed pay per class. DWF will provide training and support to help them develop their teaching skills and grow their student base.
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Welcome to DWF

Our Multifunctional Studio space , where pro teachers and instructors can share their experiences, knowledge, and talents, and where passionate newbies can learn how to become successful teachers and build a happier and healthier life.

We offer a beautiful venue, promotion through our website, promotional posters and videos, and the chance to share your talents with the world. All you need to bring is your dedication, commitment, creativity, and a desire to achieve success.

Whether you are joining us for the love of teaching or as a must-earn commitment, earning is as important as your dedication and commitment to helping others achieve their end goals. The more dedicated you are, the more energy you pass on to your students, creating a positive impact and vice versa. The amount you earn depends on how much your students like your style and art of teaching.

It’s true that many talented individuals can dance very well, but cannot teach, and others who teach well cannot dance. Our aim is to bring together talented dancers and teachers in one place to improve, learn, and bring the dancing experience to a higher level.

We offer FREE use of our fully furnished dance studio to selected participants, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. There will be obstacles along the way, but don’t worry – we’ll be there to guide you whenever you need us.

So why wait? Join the DWF Instructor Program today and start sharing your talents with the world!”


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