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Registration are open for 2021 dance classes! Invite someone special and let’s dance!

DWF offer classes for all types, whether you are looking for FUN or GOOD time with friends or become active social dancer or to master choreography for stage shows and performance!

Choose your interest from below available options. 

NAC Guidelines

Students must follow safe distancing guidelines all times.



⭐ Trial Class Available from

➺ Time: 17:00 – 21:00

➺ Fees: Single $15  |  Couple $25 Duration 30 mins

⭐ Group Classes (For Invited Dancers only)

➺ Time: 19:30 – 21:30

➺ Fees: As per packages

Solo Classes


4 Weeks | 8 Hours

Sessions 1-2 Hours

Master Class, Styling, High Heels, Techniques, Foundation classes

FuN Classes


10 Weeks | 15 Hours

Sessions 1.25-2 Hours

Classes are design for FuN. Invite a partner to share the package.



20 Weeks | 30 Hours

Sessions 1.25 – 2.5 Hours

For those who aim to achieve good level for social dancing

Pro Dancer


25 Weeks | 50 Hours

Sessions 2 – 4 Hours

Dancers who wish to master the art of dancing



35 Weeks | 70 Hours

Sessions 2 – 4 Hours

Preparing you for performance (choreo, training, costume)

Group of friends ENJOY flexible class schedule.

⭐ Get Rewarded ⭐

Dancers who are achieving great results through hard work and efforts will be selected and rewarded FREE DANCE SHOES + $50 VOUCHER TO INVITE A FRIEND + DISCOUNTS on next sign up!

Let's Discuss more

Dancers Note: Some cases if dancers who learning speed is slow or have missed sessions, DWF recommends extra training with fellow dancers, attend weekly practica and if needed book privates.

If dancers are unsuccessful in completing 1st month training, they will be requested to repeat until they have made progress or they will be turn down for progressive training

DWF @ City Hall, 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #02-47 SG 179803

  • Couples expect to start classes in 1-2 weeks time
  • Singles can start with solo classes right away, partner classes will start once we have a suitable match for you.
  • Arriving Singapore for short term visit or here for an university exchange program, please contact us to check possible arrangements.


Schedule your dance classes with just 4 steps below...

Schedule your dance classes with just 4 steps below...

DWF: Fastest Way To Get Your Salsa & Bachata FIX!

EASY, FUN & POSITIVE experience for new enthusiastic students! Whether your interest is to participate as Dancer, Performer or just to have a Healthy Social Lifestyle, DWF unique teaching brings BEST IN YOU!


Package more suitable for those who LOVE teaching and share love of dance around the world!


Suitable for singles, couples and group of friends. Choose from weekday or weekends classes


For those who are looking for Private classes or flexible training schedule.

Performance Opportunity

Interested in Performing ?

Visit us or drop an email to know more! We have special packages for new performers!
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