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Fastest way to get your Salsa, Bachata FIX!!

Everything you need to know before signing up for a dance package in Singapore! All level of dancer such as Beginner, Intermediate & Advance dancers can enjoy trial class. Just ONE session to understand DWF amazing techniques and concept to get your started. Drop us a whatsapp +65 8318 4247 or email us at dancingwithfriendssg@gmail.com
  • Please send us 2 preferred day & time slot. We will check availability and confirm within 24 hours.
  • Book for Salsa, Bachata, Body Isolation & performance team.
  • Fees $10/single, $20/couple. Group discount are available on request.

Couples Promo 

Book any package to share with each other + additional 10% discount.

E.g., purchase 10 hours, you can use as 5 hours x 2 pax = 10 hours.

Lowest is performer package for $100 only per month, usual package is $150 per month that bring cost to $15 per session

DWF Studio Location

1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #02-47 Singapore 179803

Welcome to DWF (Download)

THE ADELPHI (Opp Funan Mall)

Inside Shopping Mall: Access to Studio 1 take escalator to L2, turn right and than turn left at the end (Behind #02-34).

Outside Shopping Mall: Arrive near bike stand or Singpost PopStation located outside The Adelphi at L1. Take escalator from L1 to L2 





More Info

– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Improver
– Also for those who are active dancing in clubs with learn basics from many places.


– Come in comfortable attire as you will sweat & stretch
– Dance shoes or pair of socks
– Invite a friend for $10 discount for any package sign up

Some dancers may expect Trial Class to be slow pace where as others may expect it to be faster and challenging, as it depend upon individual learning speed and previous dance experience you may have.
Do understand that trial class are more focus on explaining DWF teaching concepts, understanding your learning speed, individual issues and your expectation or goals etc. We observe lot of details during the session and help you achieve your goals when you sign up for regular classes.

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