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Your Dreams

Achieve your dancing and performing goals with exclusive All in ONE package!

Inclusive of Training, Choreo, Costume, Video-shoot and more

💜  Wedding Dance

💜  Anniversary Special

💜  Birthday Gifts

💜  A New Hobby

Best in you is always there, we show you how to achieve it!

DWF Intensive II Program

Enjoy flexible schedule, progressive training and course is specially design for each dancers!

Lulu cruise

Dancing is an activity that is so enjoyable and exciting, you will fall in love with it instantly!

Discover New You!

Intensive I for 30 Hours • Intensive II for 60 Hours

Suitable for

  1. Wedding Dance
  2. Anniversary Gift
  3. Birthday Surprise
  4. Gift
  5. New Hobby

Dancing is sure to add FuN and Joyful moments!

  • Whether you are newbie, intermediate or improver level, this course is sure to achieve your set goals.
  • Invite your special partner or best friends to learn Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata or Ladies Styling)
  • Although these are intensive training but expect Great FuN and Amazing TiMe as always!!

Book a Trial to know if this is suitable for you!

You can request package duration up to 3 to 5 months and schedule flexible training hours to match your schedule. 

# Fannie

A moment in DWF 2015

We are always here to welcome your thoughts to start learning dance as a HOBBY or with DREAM of performing on International Stage. New dancer or improver, Pop by for a visit to learn more about salsa or any of the other dance styles

Got a question? Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

DWF 2015 - B
Health & Wellness

Health is one of the most important focus in our training. We will sharing useful knowledge so you can grow healthy and fit as your training progress

Dance Choreography

Expect to see yourself in lovely costume performing a full choreography of 1-2 mins of songs. Intensive II is sure to set your feet dancing non-stop!


Flexibility reduce chances of injuries, keep your energy high and also improve your posture. Also it is the most important tool to develop smooth dancing.


Regardless of your current level, all students are requested to complete foundation level. This will make sure you are ready to see improvements you have been waiting for.


Many of us think dance training is difficult. DWF has many techniques to teach, but the Trump Card remains to discover how dancing can be easy, fun & simple

Home or Studio

Learn in comfort of your own home or at DWF studio. This is to ensure your sessions are stress free and keep up with the progress + save your time.


Expect some gifts from DWF to dancers who are training hard and dedicated to become good dancers. This will be updated as your training progress and when we think you are ready (“,)

Flexible Hours

Course provide flexible training hours, this is to ensure your progress is on time. Schedule can be made in advance and can always be updated once in a week, if any changes.

and more

Well this is just a start, expect more and more awesome stuffs during your training. We are always creating new ideas and teaching concepts to enhance your learning experience!


  • This is Intensive Course II

    Intensive course I is only about training interested dancers. This course have many new features added, especially dancers not only complete Intensive course but also continue training further to develop ability to dance on a full choreography 1-2min, custom costume is made only for you, added video & photoshoot to show how much you have improved from start to end of your training!


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A moment in DWF 2015

DWF 2015 - A
Choreographer • Trainer • Organiser • Dj


Choreographer • Trainer • Organiser • Dj

Dancing with Friends Singapore

DWF: Fastest Way To Get Your Salsa & Bachata FIX!
DWF: Fastest Way To Get Your Salsa & Bachata FIX!