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Hello Lovely People

Become a D.W.F Partner

Host your event in style, invite your friends for all the FuN & Exciting activities! Enjoy dancing and meet new friends…

Welcome to DWF Studio – Where Creativity Meets Convenience!

At DWF Studio, we’re here to transform your experience. When you become a partner with us, you gain exclusive access to our three main facilities:

The Grand Piano, Projector Room, and Dance Studio.

Imagine combining the elegance of The Grand Piano, the creativity of our Projector Room, and the dynamic energy of our Dance Studio. It’s not just about spaces; it’s about the limitless possibilities they offer.

🎹 The Grand Piano

sets the stage for melodic brilliance. Let your music flow, host enchanting performances, and create unforgettable melodies that resonate with your audience.

📽️ The Projector Room

ignites your visual storytelling. From presentations that captivate in business meetings to immersive cinematic experiences, your ideas come to life on the big screen.

💃 The Dance Studio

becomes your canvas of movement. Choreograph breathtaking routines, rehearse with precision, and dance your heart out with peers who share your passion.

A symphony of creativity where music, visuals, and movement unite to create something extraordinary. Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, or a visionary, our facilities are your tools to craft, inspire, and deliver results that leave an indelible mark.


At DWF Studio, we’re more than just a space; we’re a platform for creativity and connection. Join us and experience a world of possibilities. Whether you’re a dancer, instructor, event organizer, investor, or simply looking for a unique place to meet and chill, we have the perfect partnership for you.

Take the first step towards unlocking your creative potential. Join DWF Studio today!

DWF 2016

DWF 2017

DWF 2018

DWF 6 Years of Festive Events

We’ve been lucky to work with amazing artists, dj’s and dancers around the world!

  • 2014 Suntec City, Singapore
  • 2015 Resorts World Sentosa
  • 2016 Royal Caribbean Cruise
  • 2017 Princess Cruise
  • 2018 World Dream Singapore
  • 2019 World Dream Guangzhou


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