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Dancers PROMO

Selected Members ENJOY unlimited hours!

Singles $250 | Couples $450

Enjoy 10 Hours ALL IN ONE dance classes (Salsa, Bachata, Styling, Techniques) on Weekday and Weekends! Additional discounts on privates classes.

Enjoy and Learn with DWF BEAUTIFUL STUDIOS at City Hall

Dancing with Friends INVITES all level of Dancers and Performers for DWF MEMBERSHIP Program!


✨ All Classes (Salsa, Bachata, Styling, Techniques)

✨ Weekdays and Weekend training

✨ Cost saving

✨ Flexible classes

✨ Lots of FuN

✨ Weekly Practica


✨ City Hall 2 mins Walk

✨ Boat Quay 6 mins Walk

✨ Clark Quay 8 mins walk

✨ Raffles Mrt 10 Mins walk

💖 Fastest way to get your Salsa & Bachata FIX!!

DWF also offer INSTRUCTOR training programs for dancers who wish to teach Salsa, Bachata or Styling classes

⭐ If you are freelance instructors, JOIN DWF TODAY!!⭐

Contact us if you have passion, energy and commitment! THERE’S MORE THAN ONE REASON TO JOIN DWF!

Members are expected to pass examination (BRONZE Level), held once in every 2 months.

⭐ Dance More & Pay Less ⭐

It’s always good to find dancers who love to dance so much and become energy for the dance floor! Taking many session mean more $$$, so this training allow dancers to dance more and pay less.



    01 Foundation Training. All classes will start with solo training 4 hours, where members will complete Foundation Level 1, Body Isolation, Basics, Techniques and more. Dancers who are slow learner, can add on extra hours to help speed up.

    02 Master Class. Members must attend ONE master classes, each master class duration is up to 3-4 hours. Check for slots availability at time of sign up.

    03 Foundation Training & Master Class purpose is to make you ready for your dance journey and members will be ready to start solo or partner classes. You can pair up with partner who sign up with you or request DWF to assist you in finding a partner. Partner once confirmed cannot be change for the committed training duration. If you are in doubt, please discuss before making payment to assist you with multiple partners.

    04 Expect basics to be repeated again and again, until you have mastered basic & music timing perfectly. At DWF we give importance to basics & techniques as we aim to see dancers achieving good social dancing level.

    05 DWF Weekly Practica. Members must attend DWF practica sessions to make progress and improve. Check schedule to know more for Practica dates & time.

    06 Dancers MUST pass BRONZE examination which is held once in a 2 months time. Dancers will get 2 attempts to pass the examination in order to continue with next package or membership programs.

    07 At time of sign up ensure your requested slots are available. Need changes ? No worry, we will assist you once a month (Inform us 4 weeks in advance and slots requested are subject to availability)

⭐ Earn Bonus Hours ⭐

There is always extra benefits!! Members who show good progress, dedication and encouraging newbies will earn extra trainings once they have utilised full credits.


Discipline & Dedication
Self Practice
Clarify doubts before starting training
Listening Music
Complete Foundation Level


Arriving late
Changing sessions
Sign up dance trainings outside DWF
Arriving tired and exhausted
Rush to learn quick

DWF International Community



DWF is hosting international events for many years, inviting dancers & teachers in Singapore from all around the world!!

Members who are travelling can enjoy meeting and hanging out with local friends and take dance courses overseas in selected dance schools.

As much as we love travelling overseas, so does our international friends! Singapore is always ranked as one of the top destination in Asia. Join and meet new friends, explore favourite places and have FuN!

DWF International Community started with 1st event in 2014

Dance @ DWF

Registration are open for 2021 dance classes! Invite someone special and let’s dance!

Got a question? Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

📞 +65 8318 4247 (whatsapp)

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DWF Studio

DWF is centrally located at City Hall, The Adelphi, #02-47