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Social Dancing   |   Performance   |   Musicality

It’s always good to find dancers who dance a lot & a lot and become energy for the dance floor! Taking many session mean more $$$, so this training allow dancers to


  1. ✓ 1st GOAL: To improve your techniques for social dancing
  2. ✓ 2nd GOAL: To improve your techniques for performances routines
  3. ✓ 3rd GOAL: To improve your body isolation for musicality
  4. ✓ 4th GOAL: To find your own style in dancing

Suitable for anyone who wish to seek specific improvements and currently want to engage with others teams trainings as well.

We understand changes may be needed as training progress, so you will be allowed to change your schedule once a month, subject to slots availability.

  • Choose main time slot (credit 8 hours)
  • Add alternate time slot (credit 2 hours)
  • Self Practice (n/a)

Total 10 hours x $25 per month = $250 per month

Commitment 7 – 12 months

Learn  •  Dance  •  Enjoy

Bronze Member

Eligibility Criteria

  • Foundation level 1 Optional
  • Once a week training Yes
  • Foundation level 2 Optional
  • DWF social & parties Optional
  • Promote & join DWF Events Optional
  • Video-shoot last Sunday Yes
  • Other terms As per registration form
  • Fees upon sign up:
  1. Monthly Fees $250 
  2. ✓ 1 Month Deposit $250
  3. ✓ Performance Fees (optional)
  4. ✓ Official T-shirt $35

Total $535 + Monthly Fees $250

Per person, non-refundable

Fees are fixed per month regardless of number of hours used.

Such a great offer and value of money, comes with dedication and commitment. Please read full article to know if you are eligible.

DWF Membership – Terms & Condition (PDF)

Salsa • Bachata • Isolation

Invite a Friend!!

DWF 02 As always there are some exciting plans for Christmas!

As always there are some exciting plans for Christmas!

Choose from 4 choreographies:

  1. Bachata
  2. Salsa
  3. Salsa Shine
  4. Bachata Ladies Styling
  • Video-shoot is must but performance is optional
  • ENJOY discounted fees!

For early sign up for any single performance (including choreography, training, costume & new shoes)

  • Sign up before Oct 15 – Fees $550
  • Usual Fees $650

As you start to save with lowest fees, plan to keep some budget for year end Christmas season video-shoot. More info will be provided closer to dates.


  • Pick the best time of the week to enhance your training experience
  • If there are any changes in your schedule, the main slot can be updated (once a month), with 2 weeks notice.
  • Hour Credit: 4 Weeks x 2 Hours Session = 8 hours per month

  1. Expect each session to be 2 – 2.5 hours.
  2. Attendance must be regular (weekly) to see improvements


  • Add another slot to complete your full hours trainings (if applicable)
  • RSVP is required, if you are not planning to attend session regular so we can add another interested dancers.
  • Hour Credit: 2 hours

  1. Choosing additional slot does not mean allow you to skip or cancel main slot.

Terms & Conditions


Discipline & Dedication
Clarify doubts before starting training
Listening Music
Sharing concerns or stress


Arriving late
Not showing up for session
No unnecessary questions (F.A.Q below)
Arriving tired and exhausted
Let's Dance!

Let's Dance!

Team members if they have talents (language, travel experience, media, PR, designer, sourcing good costumes, experienced in online shopping) can also share to make dance experience more entertaining example

  • Saba is amazingly writer
  • William do good videos
  • Fannie love to teach

As always there are some exciting plans for Christmas 2020!

Although we started slow and it’s already mid year, we can still create new wonderful projects for the year end Dec 2020!

This team makes that happen!!


Creative Director

DWF @ City Hall

Fastest Way To Get Your Salsa & Bachata FIX!

New dancer or improver, Pop by for a visit to learn more about salsa or any of the other dances.