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Bring Your Creativity to Life at Our Multifunctional Studio Space The Ultimate Studio for Musicians and Performers
The Perfect Venue for Your Next Celebration
Play Your Heart Out on Our Grand Piano
Screen Your Next Film or Presentation on Our Cinema Projector

Birthday Party | Recital | Candlelight Concert | Anniversary | Proposal | Corporate Events | Team Building Event | Graduation Party | Dating Events | Private Cinema | Family Gatherings | Dance Party | Watch Party | Filming | Videoshoot | Photoshoot | Art Exhibition | Holiday Party | Charity Events | Presentation and more

Host Your Event in Style with Our Studio Rental for Private Events

Studio with Dance Floor, Grand Piano & Movie Projector


2 Hours @ $240 = $480
3 Hours @ $220 = $660
4 Hours @ $200 = $800
5 Hours @ $190 = $950
6+ Hours @ $180 = $1080

Add-ons: Bean Bags, Flameless Candles, Tables, Chairs and more


2 Hours @ $216 = $432
3 Hours @ $198 = $594
4 Hours @ $180 = $720
5 Hours @ $171 = $855
6+ Hours @ $162 = $972

WIN A SPECIAL DISCOUNT! We will be selecting one (sometimes two!) lucky events each month to receive special discounts, check with us if your event is eligible to WIN A SPECIAL DISCOUNT!

Let's dance our way to a memorable event together! Contact us today to book your spot at Dancing With Friends.


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If you have a budget in mind, please let us know and we will discuss it with our team to see how we can make a plan that fits within your budget.

To make your event or celebration special, here are some reasons why you might consider the D.W.F dance studio as a venue space.

Multipurpose Venue

The D.W.F dance studio that offers a dance floor, a grand piano, and a projector is an excellent venue for a variety of events and activities, especially those related to dance, arts, music, and performance. 

Dance floor

The spacious dance floor is perfect for dancing, whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a dance party, rehearsals, performance or just looking for a space to move and groove.

Professional sound and lighting

The studio is equipped with professional sound and lighting, ensuring that your event or celebration has the best audio and visual experience possible.

Visual presentations

The projector can be used for visual presentations, slideshows, or other multimedia displays.

Music accompaniment

The grand piano can provide live music accompaniment for performances, recitals, and any other private events.

Fairy lights

The fairy lights add a soft and enchanting ambiance to the space, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Disco lights

The disco lights & LED lights add energy and excitement to the space, perfect for dancing and creating a lively atmosphere.

Ample natural light

The day curtains allow for ample natural light to enter the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Convenient location

The D.W.F dance studio is conveniently located at City Hall, making it easily accessible for guests and participants.

Seating options

The combination of chairs, tables, and beanbags provides a range of seating options for guests and participants, making the venue suitable for both formal and informal events. 

Ideal for dance and music events

With a dance floor, grand piano, and projector, this venue is ideal for events such as dance recitals, concerts, workshops, filming, recording for exams and presentations.

Professional staff

The professional staff is available on request at extra charges for special events or booking to assist with event planning & ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

Affordable pricing

The studio offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable option for hosting your event. Collab with the studio to enjoy more discounts and benefits


The studio can be easily transformed to accommodate a variety of event styles and preferences, from more formal to casual and relaxed.

The combination of natural light, live music accompaniment, and visual presentations makes this venue suitable for a wide range of events, including concerts, recitals, presentations, workshops, and more.

To book the D.W.F dance studio as a venue, contact the studio directly to inquire about availability, pricing, and any other details you need to make your event or celebration a success.

Venue for Kids Party | Recital | Birthday | Company Events | Dance Workshops | Live Music | Master Class | Concerts | Special Occasion | Anniversary | Dinner & Dance | Performance Rehearsal | Grand Piano | Photo Shoots | Filming | Private Events

Enjoy promo rates (not valid for PH)

Talk to our team to know, if you are eligible for discounts

D.W.F Studio is located in prime location in Singapore at City Hall

We are open 24 hours so rehearsing with friends or hosting a private party, you no longer has to worry about finding a dance studio. Famous Boat Quay, Clark Quay, and Robertson Quay is just 5 mins away



Birthday Party



Special Occasion

Looking for Long-Term Studio Rental

Call us or make a visit at DWF dance school to find out special packages for long term studio space booking to suit you activities type, such as Wedding Lessons, Zumba, Privates, Rehearsals, Company Event, Tea dance, Tango, Latin or Ballroom parties etc. Instructors & Performers ENJOY SPECIAL RATES with monthly membership!

City Hall Mrt

2 mins walk

Boat Quay

6 mins walk

Clark Quay | Raffles Mrt

8 mins walk

National Art Gallery

1 mins walk

Funan Mall

2 mins walk

Dancing with Friends is a well known venue for hosting private events, D&D, Birthday Parties.

DWF also organizes dance parties & events, especially the Salsa & Bachata Cruise Party every year in Singapore.