Welcome to DWF Singapore!
We are so excited to bring a new Unique Teaching Concept to improve your dance experience in FUN & ENERGETIC way!

This year, we are launching our new concept that provide you extra benefits & saving cost & time. Sign up for 4 hours of simple, fun yet challenging Foundation Course to kick start your beginner level experience. Each session is 1 hours x 4 weeks.


  • Enjoy Beginner sessions + Foundation class together at one price
  • Enjoy 15% cash discount when you sign up for 8 sessions.
  • Enjoy additional use of studio to practice (only for membership of minimum 3 months. 
Only for Salsa & Bachata Dance styles, and not applicable to Ballet, Yoga or other dance styles.


First step for enrolling for DWF Salsa & Bachata dance course.

Foundation course allow students to know more about their learning process, techniques they need to improve, individual weakness etc and for us to see which students spend time to correct themselves…
→ Music
→ Footwork
→ Balancing
→ Techniques
○ Dancers will be focusing on above details in Foundation Level 1

Cost & Duration for Foundation Level

Usually the 4 sessions are enough to complete foundation level. In some cases you might need extra hour for non-dancers & for those who have good dance background you can expect to complete in less time duration.
→ Level 1: 4 sessions only
→ Duration: 1 Hour each session
→ Fees: $100
→ Dress Code: Anything comfortable & easy to stretch
○ Applicable to all sign ups, regardless of dance level

Benefits of Foundation Course

These sessions are usually flexible and you can schedule any time (AM/PM) and any day during the week but must sessions must be completed within 4 weeks . Unlike like classes where you have to keep fix time & keep the level, this is more convenient.
→ New Beginner
→ Improver
→ Social Dancers
→ Visiting Singapore
○ These sessions are good for all type of dancers.

Dance is all about having FUN!

Enjoy & Meet New Friends


Invite your friends, make an appointment to try your 1st dance lesson with DWF.

If you might have some dance background, good flexibility and understanding ability is much faster, this is an add on bonus to start your dance journey with DWF


○ Can dancer use remaining session to next level if completed earlier than 4 sessions
→ Yes, we are happy to meet students who learn & progress fast.
○ I have some dance background, can i start from Intermediate level?
→ Yes, you can sign up for Intermediate level and do not need to take Beginner course, but Foundation Level 1 will be included in your intermediate level.  
○ How many Foundation Levels should students complete?
→ We have level 1 -5 as student progresses. Each Level from Beginner to advance is supported by Foundation Level.
○ Are fees higher for foundation level 2-5 ?
→ Foundation level 1-5 have same fees, but classes fees are higher as per levels
○ Do I need to schedule my beginner class at time of enrolling?
→ Our class schedule is updated every month and sometime you might take more than 4 weeks to complete Foundation Level 1. We recommend to advice your preferred time and schedule so we can look for best time slot.
○ What is beginner sessions doesn’t suits my time schedule ?
→ We always have classes in weekday and weekends so you can always have either one options to choose from. You can always inform us in advance which classes you prefer
○ Do I have to pay for next level course & foundation class together?
→ Its optional and you can decide at time of sign up. If you pay together you enjoy discounts and if you sign up separate, you would not be able to enjoy discounts package.
○ Are payment refundable ?
→ All payments are Non-refundable & non-transferable. Please ensure to check your schedule before you confirm any dance classes.
○ I am beginner, can i still attend DWF Salsa Cruise Party ?
→ DWF all events are friendly and open to all level of dancers. Feel free to participate and invite your friends. Do you know, you can enjoy special rates + time slot for group classes.

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If you have any questions, share it with our team and we will work them right away for you. Contact us via Team@SalsaCruiseParty.com | Whatsapp +65 8318 4247