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Welcome to DWF!

Welcome to DWF!

.We are always here to welcome your  thoughts to start learning dance as a hobby or with dream of performing on International Stage.

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New dancer or improver, Pop by for a visit to learn more about salsa or any of the other dances

DWF Bootcamps & Beach Parties

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Flexbile Group Classes

Introducing ‘Flexible Time Slot’ for group of 4 friends or more. This is to ensure you learn in most fun way and also fix a time that matches to your specific group of friends. You can either keep option open for other students to join the same time slot once confirmed, or add 20% more cost to make it Semi Private class. It is still a good saving 🙂

Dance Classes Schedule

  • Calling all Beginners & Improvers!

    Enjoy 14+ NEW bootcamps from October onwards..

    🔹For groups of friends, contact us for flexible time class & package benefits
    🔹Invite your partner to get $10 discount!
    🔹RSVP via whatsapp +65 8318 4247 or email

    Bachata 19:30 – 20:30
    Salsa 20:30 – 21:30 (Ladies styling & shines)
    Fees for one person: $40 for both OR $25 for any one session

    🔹SATURDAY (only for couples or with partners)
    Bachata 17:00 – 18:00
    Salsa 18:00 – 19:00
    Fees for 2 person: $120 for all OR $50 for any one session

    Techniques Level 1: 15:30 – 16:15
    Techniques Level 2: 16:15 – 17:00
    Fees for 1 person: $20 for 1st session & consecutive $10 only
    Bachata 17:00 – 18:00
    Salsa 18:00 – 19:00
    Fees for 1 person: $25 for any session

    Choose from:

    👉 Salsa & Bachata Trial Class
    👉 Regular Dance Class
    👉 Privates sessions
    👉 Performance Trainings
    👉 Body Isolation (Open Level)
    👉 Foundation Class (Open Level)
    Pay ONE price for group dance classes, when you sign up for membership!

    For groups of friends, contact us for flexible time class & package benefits
    ** All fees are non-refundable
    ** Session will be only confirmed after payment is made via bank/nets/cash
    ** Ladies invite your partner and get DISCOUNT on dance shoes when you sign up
    ** Walk-in not allowed for above sessions. RSVP required.

    🔹GOOD FOR:
    – Beginner
    – Intermediate
    – Improver
    – Also for those who are active dancing in clubs with some basics knowledge.
    – Social Dancing
    – Basics Steps
    – Body Movements
    – Tips & Techniques
    Make payment via bank transfer OR
    at and email us your name & session you would like to attend.
    – Come in comfortable attire as you will sweat & stretch
    – Dance shoes or pair of socks

What type of classes are available?

Note: all classes require RSVP via email or whatsapp +65 8318 4247.

Classes are only confirmed after payment is made and confirmation is received for your requested time slot. This is not applicable to dancer training on regular basis

Due to travel schedule, signs up are available for weekend classes more.

Weekday classes request are accepted based on which week you are planning to start and if instructors are in town during that week.

3 Hours bootcamp (Best Selling)

These classes are great selling and save lot of time. Instead of learning 1 hour every week, this allow you to complete the course just in 3 weeks and you can choose to continue or practice in social dance before you enroll for next bootcamp sessions. Inviting a partner give you another $10 discount.

SUNDAY Technique Session – Improve social dance

These sessions are very technical and give you insight of common mistake during social dance, how to adjust according to your dance partner or space available on dance floor etc

Classes are good for only those –

Who are intermediate or above level

🔹Sessions are good for:
– Intermediate
– Active in social dancing (regardless of level)
– Improver
For both Salsa & Bachata dance styles.

WALK IN DANCE CLASSES: For couples only

These session were introduced for couples or those who have a dance partner with some dance background. The session focus on teaching you new pattern that you can add to your dance (regardless of level) and enjoy social dancing. These are more like open level classes where you can learn new combination regardless of mix level.


From time to time, we introduce ONE TIME sessions. These are great for last moment sign up and you do not need to commit for any 4 weeks or 8 weeks course. This allow you to learn, improve and understand DWF teaching techniques just in one session.


These classes are all time favorite, open to Beginner, Inter & Advance level. We help you understand during session how to make dance easy, connected and listen to music.

Join us anytime and various flexibile time slots are available throughout the day and evening.


These are classes are for those who love to sweat & take challenges to stay FIT! If you are interested do drop a message and get to know upcoming fitness classes & location. These are not regular classes types and arranged at various flexible time slots.

Choreographies are available from beginner to advance level.


These sessions are for those who want to perform once or on regular basis. Each training is minimum 2 hours to 3 hours and we expect dancer to believe that they can achieve any level if they do not give up. Book trial class to know more and sign up once you see how much improvement just a trial class can bring in you.

Book any classes you are interested in. For any other enquiry, workshop, team building please do write us and we will get back to you very soon.


Performance Oppoutunity

Interested in Performing on Next Salsa Cruise Party?

Visit us or drop an email to know more! We have special packages for new performers!

How to Book Your First Trial Class

Register for your 1st Trial Class. This session is good for those who want to try out 30 minutes dance sessions before signing few lessons. Choose from Salsa, Bachata, Fitness, Body Isolation, Shine, and more.

BooK Your 1ST TRIAL CLASS or Whatsapp at +65 8318 4247

Registration is OPEN for new classes!

AT DWF you can learn wide range of dance classes from Salsa, Ballet, Yoga, Lindy Hop and more. Pick any dance styles and enjoy discount when you purchase early. Classes are available on weekdays & weekends and if ongoing classes does not suits to your schedule, you can send a request to respected teachers for alternate time slots.

Privates 1+1

Book 1st private session with your partner at cost of 1 Person only.

Kids Classes

$80 onwards

Weekly Kids Classes

Adults Classes

$100 onwards

Adults Classes starting every month

Performance Team

$120 onwards

Training commitment 3-4 months