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Master Class

Master Class


Salsa & Bachata 3 HOURS TRAINING

Once a month join DWF Master class to challenge yourself, improve isolation, flexibility and learn Salsa & Bachata choreography!

Suitable for Intermediate & higher level of dancers.

We’ve always been so excited to share with you our knowledge and experience to bring your dancing to next level!

Sessions will focus on

• Body Isolation

• Techniques

• Choreography

• Videoshoot


Dance @ DWF


Single $99   |   Couple $180

  • Suitable for Intermediate and higher level of dancers.
  • Training will focus on improving both Salsa & Bachata
  • Slots are limited and only confirmed after making payment
  • All Payments are non-refundable & non-transferable

Let’s Dance!

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Learn • Dance • Enjoy
Salsa • Bachata • Isolation


Come in comfortable attire
Dance shoes or pair of socks
Water bottle
RSVP via email or whatsapp
Make payment

Session will focus on:

Foundation Training
Salsa or Bachata
Choreo & Techniques
Ques & Ans