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Classes on Demand Request Your Favorite Dance Classes with Our Flexible and Convenient Program!

Join our "Classes on Demand" program at DWF Studio and request your favorite dance classes!

Our flexible program offers weekly
Cha Cha
Hip Hop
High Heel
Belly Dance
Chinese painting & more

Weekly Sessions

Whatsapp +65 8318 4247

Weekly Sessions

Looking for a dance program that fits your busy schedule?

Introducing “Classes on Demand” at DWF Studio!

Our flexible program allows you to choose your dance style, day and time slot, and request a dance class with a minimum of 4 people. Our current classes include salsa, bachata, cha cha, hip hop, k-pop, high heel, Chinese painting, and belly dance.

And if you’re interested in other dance styles, let us know and we may launch them in the future!

Join our dance community, make new friends, and experience the joy of dance with “Classes on Demand” at DWF Studio.

High Heels beginner trial class and bootcamps for intermediate dancer. Look sassy and sexy with our heels dance


+65 8318 4247

Open 24 Hours

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