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Shore (Creative Director)

DWF has many techniques to teach, but the Trump Card remains to discover how dancing can be easy, fun, simple, and interesting among friends.

Dancing is one of the many activities people love to cultivate and also one of the best workout for Fitness and Health.

With 10+ years of experience, Shore the instructor and owner of the studio, aims to empower students through his unique style of teaching in dance classes and create a place of love, dance and healthy lifestyle!

We are always here to welcome your thoughts to start learning dance as a HOBBY or with DREAM of performing on the International Stage.

Just ONE session to understand DWF amazing techniques and concepts!

Organiser of DWF Christmas Events

Every year DWF brings an exclusive Christmas party onboard luxury cruises!

All inclusive holidays are now more popular. They offer a round price per person, including accommodation & food. Dancers from around the world, enjoy a truly splendid holidays at unbeatable price onboard luxury Cruise.

Your Dream Vacation + Dance Cruise Party at ONE Price!!

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Latin DJ

Social Parties & International Events


Intensive Courses


Team Bonding & Workshops


Choreography & Shows

Interior Designer

Make your dreams into reality! Share your ideas and requirement and our team will help you with all creativity and planning to build your next project!

On request, for all designs we also provide:

• Architectural Drawings •  Mechanical Drawings •  Structural Drawings

• Elevation •  3D Design • Walkthrough Video


Located just 2 minutes away from City Hall MRT Station, Dancing With Friends is extremely accessible and easy to locate. The Studio is decorated with an open-concept design, with beautiful glass view facing the streets opening up to a solid laminated floor. Mirrors line the wall, and as you cast your gaze upwards, you’ll find yourself taking in the glittering crystals chandeliers that adorn the ceiling.

DWF studios can be use by dancers to practice, group training or company events etc. These studios are the main pride of DWF for its students, events, and dancers.


📞 +65 8318 4247 (whatsapp)

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