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Thank you for choosing DWF studio!

We are very pleased to have you at DWF!

Please read info carefully to ensure you and other instructors & your students have a great time during your classes. Email us if you have any questions. Thanks

 Some information are useful for students and some for instructors. You can make note where necessary and feel free to recommend your suggestions so we can ensure all instructors can run class smoothly.

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DWF is located at 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi at Level 2 (#02-47).

Please use the main escalators to come up to level 2 at The Adelphi, turn right, walk to the end (#02-34) then turn left. DWF is located at corner of the building.

There is 2nd entrance to studio using ‘Escalator’ but only use when studio is running 2 events at same time. For all events, please use main entrance from Shopping Mall Level 2

Please let your attendees know all door are locked at 10pm for security purpose except main Security Door.

Confirm your event with DWF

If you have not yet received confirmation for your event, please click below link to contact us or know more about studio rates, pictures etc.