Welcome to DWF!

Thank you for choosing DWF studio!

To help you familiar with use of studio and facilities (especially first time users) we are providing as much info as possible for your fun time during your classes, trainings.

Some information are useful for students and some for instructors. You can make note where necessary and feel free to recommend your suggestions so we can ensure all instructors can run class smoothly.

Guidelines for using Studio

Please read info carefully to ensure you and other instructors & your students have a great time during your classes. Email us if you have any questions. Thanks


Dimensions: 23 x 23 ft (529 SqFt)

Entrance: From Shopping Mall, Level 2 (Behind 02-34). View Video

Lights: Ceiling Lights + 1 Fan

Air-con: 1 Daikin aircon, capacity 24K BTU

Chairs/Stools: Available only on request

Music System: Philip (Use Bluetooth)

Soundproof Partition: 50 DB

Studio Set up:

  • Laminated Flooring,
  • 2 Fix Ballet Bars,
  • 3 Movable Ballet Bars.
  • Mirrors Height 2800mm

Toilet: Use toilet located at Level 2


Dimensions: 16 x 30 ft (480 SqFt)

Entrance: Take escalator at Level 1 near SingPost PopStation (outside shopping mall). DWF studio is just above SingPost PopStation. View Video

Lights: Ceiling Lights + 2 Fan w/ lights

Air-con: 1 Daikin aircon, capacity 36K BTU

Chairs/Stools: Available only on request

Music System: RCF Theatre Sound

Soundproof Partition: 50 DB

Studio Set up:

  • Laminated Flooring,
  • 2 Fix Ballet Bars,
  • Mirrors Height 2800mm

Toilet: Use toilet located at Level 1 (take escalator entrance to level 1). This is to ensure students/instructors do not walk through Studio 1 to access toilets located at Level 2

DWF is located at 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi at Level 2 (#02-47).

Arriving Studio 1 > Please use the main escalators to come up to level 2 at The Adelphi, turn right, walk to the end (#02-34) then turn left. DWF is located at corner of the building.

Arriving Studio 2 >There is 2nd entrance to studio using ‘Escalator’ and its located at Level 1 near Singpost PopStation outside mall 

Please let your attendees know all door are locked at 10pm for security purpose except main Security Door.


Here are important information, you should know and also some of the information can be helpful for your students.

Access to Studio:

There will be no access to Studio 1 (for any reasons) when you are booked for Studio 2 and vice versa.

Using Toilet:

Studio 1 will use toilet located at Level 2 & for Studio 1, do use toilet located at Level 1 (walk down escalator, enter building and turn right). This is to ensure you do not walk in to Studio 1 to access toilet or any other reasons.

Sound Volume:

Although music system may allow you louder sound but please keep in mind the classes next studio. The sound proof partition 50DB is good for classes but playing too loud may effect classes next door.

Your Belongings:

DWF will not be responsible for any belonging or personal stuff, if left at studio after your classes.

Arriving for your classes:

Please ensure to arrive on time, only Instructors who had booked may arrive earlier and use waiting area until your class time starts.

Waiting area is small so we recommend to spend your time, if you early at cafes in the mall. Some instructor or ongoing class might prefer privacy when classes in progress, or may do not prefer anyone walking or make noise, so please access studio as per time slot booked.


If you run your class overtime, addtional charges may occur. In some cases, if there is next class, you might be requested to empty studio so next class can start on time. Highly recommend to always use the time slot you have booked. If you need additional time before or after, do add in your existing booking. Additional usual rates will apply for extra time


If you had arrived at studio 1 entrance and your class is in Studio 2, please do not enter the Studio 1 (whether there is no class, door are not locked or whatever reason may be). Please use Fire Exit door to walk down and than take escalator up for entering Studio 2. This is to ensure there is no end surprise for anyone in Studio at anytime

Changing of studio:

There are very rare chances that you might be requested to use Studio 2 when you had booked Studio 1 or vice versa. If you cannot switch (for any reason, for any bookings), please do mention this in advance, so we make sure those booking are marked and noted

Leaving studio:

Turning off lights, air-con, fan: Please ensure before leaving, you had carefully turn all lights, aircon and lock door before leaving. Also ensure your students have left studio before you leave as studio is booked by you.

Changing Room:

Space will be created for changing attires in Studio from 1st March 2018 onwards

Moving Furniture

If you need to make any arrangement, please let us know at time of booking. Please do not move furniture without our prior knowledge.

Mirrors & Floors:

At all time keep Mirrors clean, please do not lean on mirrors for stretching etc. Water bottles are allowed in studio but should be always placed on table or glass console.

Charging Phones:

Only instructors can charge their phones at selected power points. No charging of phones (for instructors as well) at DJ Console area

Discount for Full Studio:

Special Discounts rates are applicable when you choose to book full studio (Studio 1 + Studio 2), this is to save your cost when class size is bigger and single studio space is not sufficient. But this special discount is not applicable when you are booking 2 studio to run 2 classes, instead you will enjoy only special rates as quoted for each studio.

Drinks @ $2:

The drinks are available in the fridge at $2 / per drink (Water, Aquarius). Please leave $2 at desk or pass to instructor if you take any drinks from the fridge. Students are not allowed to bring any drinks from outside except water. (Also not outside food is allowed in the studio)

Please ensure when your bookings are over, leave studio in same condition as it was when you arrived studio, so another groups/students can have good experience as you do.

Thank you for your time!

We hope this info is useful to you to plan things out in advance for one time or regular bookings. Good Day!