Busan Salsa & Bachata Festival 18 - 20 August 2017 | Busan, Korea

BSBF is an annual international Latin dance festival first held in Busan, the best tourist and maritime city in Korea.

In this festival, the world famous artists are invited and  high quality of classes, performances and parties are offered, so everyone can come and enjoy the festival.

Also, this BSBF is contributing to the growth of Busan Latin dance  through local  and international salsa dancers’ and lovers’ mingling  with each other.

This year in particular,  world best vinyll DJs are officially comining  to this festival,  so you can encounter and enjoy the authentic sound of 70’sand 80’s original music  as well as a rare collection of  discs they  exclusively possess.

I hope you  all  travel together to the vinyll world with a analogue sentiment.

Feel the BUSAN this summer and you will be thrilled.

Basi & Deisy Bootcamp


Organizer: Karina Park

Mobile: +82.10.2584.3699

Email: jizoni@naver.com

Facebook: Follow BSBF

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