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Beginner to Advance | 3 Weeks Course

A special training program by DWF! Check out the video by XINYA who has just completed 3 WEEKS INTENSE bachata Beginner to Advance training. Book a Trial to know if this is suitable for you!

What make this Intense Course unique?

It is a unique experience! Like usual classes or privates, it do not focus on completing Level 1, 2 and so on, instead first thing Shore focus on individual students weakness, and giving specific techniques to fix it in shortest time. Students can see difference in their dancing not with in same day but in just an hour

Dancer can understand quickly that knowing little details can also make so much difference, focusing on strong basics, body movements, strength & stretching. The program is not meant to teach levels but make dancer understand how patterns are made and simplest way to follow/lead

Can I call myself advance dancers after 3 weeks

Everything comes with practice and practice.

The ability to dance with advance dancers OR to call yourself advance dancer are not same.

We develop your ability to dance with advance dancer, so your social experience is enjoyable from right now, instead after 6 months. To become an advance dancer, you have to dance more a lot.

Like any usual classes, what you learn is Brain memory and what you need on dance floor is Body memory.

Be sure you will feel more confident to dance with advance dancer and that will happen with in 3 weeks

Advance has many higher level, so this course is 1st step for you to feel comfortable on dance floor and improve more with each social experience. Also techniques we you learn they improve progressively on its own more as you dance

Is this expensive

In this program, the training are 2-3 hours each day and maximum 5 days a week. (Depend on individual health & muscles recovery).

Assuming 5 Days x 3 Hours = 15 Hours in ONE week.

3 Weeks Total Hours are 45hrs, so the amount you spend in entire year is almost same as you spend in 3 weeks. 

Is it for Everyone ?

This intense program is only for those who LOVE dancing, if you like dancing for fun and making friends, may be regular classes will be better choice. In this session we love to sweat and challenge and its progressive training.

So if you ready for this experience, YES it’s for you

Fees & Training

Fees for 3 Weeks Intense Training Course is $1500 (usual $1800)


  • Each Session minimum 2 to maximum 3 hours
  • Training 4 -5 Days in 1 Week
  • Add on social dancing hours
  • Other terms to be advice after Trial Class



Common questions asked is “Can i get to see results, after 3 trainings right away?”

The program is meant to enhance your learning speed or even for performers, and with limited time it shows you difference ‘before’ & ‘after’

Results can be still be seen (depend upon individual dancer) but to see complete results you must add your social dancing hours, as there is no short cut to become an advance dancers, its only practice & dancing.

With one hour of class, we usually recommend 3-4 hours of social dancing/practice. So the entire program offer 40-45 hours, so to see amazing progressive results, try to social dance more often.


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